Arcadia Tropical Fluorescent Tube

Code: AA1984

Original Tropical • Accentuates reds and blues • Optimum light for photosynthesis • Promotes plant growth It is not possIt is not possible for fluorescent lamps to exactly replicate sunlight, which covers all areas of the spectrum at very high levels of output. Most lamps can actually achieve only a very small proportion of thislight output, across a part of the spectrum. Arcadia have identified the precise parts of the spectrum that are necessary for specific aspects of fishkeeping and have produced a series of lamps with spectral distributions designed to fulfil these requirements and optimise the available light output in these areas. The Arcadia Original Tropical lamp is designed specifically to bring out the red and blue peaks of natural daylight that are necessary for photosynthesis.(Photosynthesis is the process of putting together - by means of light - two simple substances: carbon dioxide and water, to form carbohydrates, the basic food of all living organisms, and to release oxygen as a by-product). The spectrum created also has the effect of highlighting the fluorescent features of fish such as neon and cardinal tetras, platys and guppies, bringing out and enhancing their highly attractive natural colours, making them appear to shine even more brightly. The lamp tends to have a purple/pinkish tinge, which creates a very warm appearance in the aquarium, which many aquarists are familiar with. The two wavebands which optimise both photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis have been enhanced in the Arcadia Original Tropical lamp. The effect of these wavebands is to actively promote healthy and well-balanced plant growth. The lamp also has the effect of bringing out the red and brown colours which often occur in aquarium plants such as ludwigia.