BH Slobstoppers 200G

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Our Barking Heads Tuck Shop range is the natural, healthier way to treat. Our Slobstoppers recipe is high in ethically sourced meat, and made without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Our recipe is high in protein, containing high quality tasty chicken & added ingredients to help support your dog’s digestive system, as well as collagen which is added to help maintain healthy joints.

GUILT FREE TREATING - Made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Slobstoppers offer a healthier, more nutritious way to treat
SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS - Our Slobstoppers contain collagen which is added to help support & maintain healthy joints
LONG LASTING TREAT - Our delicious Slobstoppers are designed to last; for when treat time needs to be a little longer
HIGHER PROTEIN RECIPE - We’ve packed our recipe full of tasty chicken (4x higher than the most popular long dwell time treat)
SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION - You’ll find added ingredients in our Slobstoppers, that will support your dog’s digestion (we know poo is important!)

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