EMP Egg Food 1kg

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EMP Superior Soft Eggfood is a broadly based soft eggfood, blended with the finest quality ingredients including real egg yolk. It has been scientifically formulated to provide all the minerals (including selenium, a necessary mineral), vitamins and other nutritional requirements necessary to ensure your birds health. EMP has a large particle size, allowing birds of varying sizes to pick up EMP easily and take it in a very palatable form. There is very little powder meaning very little waste and therefore a more appealing and palatable product for your birds.

There are many ways to feed EMP most bird fanciers mix in little water until a soft, crumbly mixture is obtained. This allows the particles to increase in size and birds often find this more appealing especially larger bird such as parrots and cockatiels.

A method that is favoured by many budgie fanciers is to grate in a little carrot this provides some moisture that EMP absorbs and expands to become a larger more appealing particle size. People feeding EMP to parrots often sprinkle EMP onto the fresh fruit that is being fed to the bird. It is however up to the fanciers own discretion as to which method of feeding is appropriate.

EMP should be fed 2 – 3 times a day whilst rearing. During the moulting period feed EMP daily to aid feathering and to bring the birds back into peak condition. During the rest of the year feed EMP every second day in order to satisfy your bird’s nutritional requirements. EMP should comprise about 25% of the diet.