Friendly Green Oat Readigrass 1kg

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Made from oat forage, grown in Yorkshire. The oat leaves, stems and fibrous husks are harvested at an early stage whilst they are still fresh and green and before any oat grain is formed. Our drying process removes only the water – retaining the natural flavour and high nutrient value of the oat forage.

Benefits of Friendly Green Oat ReadiGrass:
High in beneficial fibre which will keep your pet’s digestive system healthy and operating effectively.
Encourages the natural chewing instinct and keeps teeth worn and healthy
Munching on the forage provides interest and prevents boredom
Balanced protein delivers energy and supports healthy growth
The drying process retains vitamins and minerals needed to maintain health and keep your pet’s coat shiny
Starch and cereal grain free
Naturally palatable

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