Habistat Snake Starter Kit Oak

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HabiStat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit is a complete kit containing everything you need to house your new pet simply add the snake! Easy to set up and perfect for all types of hatchling snakes such as Corn Snakes. Contents included are: Monkfield Black Terrainium (61 x 38 x 20cm) HabiStat Snake Bedding 5L HabiStat Heat Mat 12-watt (28 x 28cm) HabiStat Mat Stat 300-watt HabiStat Plastic Hide HabiStat Round Water Bowl HabiStat Thermometer HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner (standard ready-to-use spray) 250ml Plastic Feeding Tongs (green/blue) HabiStat Coconut Cave HabiStat Sphagnum Moss and instructions.

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