LK Cat Smooth Pate Selection 8 x 85g

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Our exceptional Suppurrs recipes are naturally wholesome and very, very tempting – just listen for the purrs of contentment!

- Steam cooked, hand shredded chicken fillets
- At least 48% freshly prepared meat and offal that cats thrive on
- Complete and balanced nutrition including essential taurine, vital for your cat’s health
- All natural with added vitamins and minerals
- Grain free recipes
- Only proper meat: no meat or fish meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat - ever
- By serving up one of these natural meals, you’re looking after your cat’s world, too. We use responsibly sourced ingredients and the aluminium pot is completely recyclable
- Our handy mixed packs are a wonderful way to feed your cat a delicious, healthy variety and keep them intrigued!

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