Reeflowers Aquaplants Phospate 500ml

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ReeFlowers AquaPlants Phosphate is a highly-concentrated phosphate solution. It has been specially formulated for aquarium plants and contains a minimum of 3500 ppm phosphate per liter.Phosphate is one of the basic elements plants need for development. It is used during the process of photosynthesis and plays a crucial role in cell division and the vital functions of plants. It promotes growth and effects root development. It ensures that plants grow resilient against environmental stress factors. A nitrate deficiency will cause old leaves to turn yellow. Failing to meet the minimum requirements will cause all leaves and stems to turn yellow over time and will even loss of plants.Healthy root growthEnables bloomingHelps seed productionIt is recommended to use a daily dosage of 1 ml per 100 lt in a freshwater aquarium with medium plant density.1 ml solution causes a 0.05 ppm increase in 100 lt of water .

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