San Diego Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer annectens)

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CB 2017

Great snakes. Part of a group of subspecies of Pituophis caternifer found throughout the center and west of the USA. Some of them may yet prove to be distinct species. Largest snake in north America at 8 foot although this subspecies will probably get to 6 foot. Will mimic rattlesnakes to warn of predators (to which they bear a stirking resemblance). As easy to care for as a corn snake and the ones I have had are just as docile. I take my adult male bull snake (another subspecies - sayi) into schools and to fetes etc. You will need a minium of a 4 foot viv as these get long and are quite active.

Licence Holder -Richard Angell

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Licence No. GCC/AW015

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