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My name is Richard Angell and I am the owner of Angell Pets in Gloucester. What seems a long time ago now, when I was still in my "teens", I worked in a type of pet shop that seems to be disappearing fast. It's what we call a "traditional" shop. What do we mean by traditional? We mean we take customer service as our priority.

I don't know if your experiences of pet shops have been the same as mine but I have found that they fall into three categories. First there's the "pet supermarket", where you help yourself off of stacked shelves and pay at the counter without anyone even trying to assist you (or being capable). A lot of web stores obviously also fit into this category.

Then there's the "expert hobbyist store". They don't seem to want to even talk to you, unless you can show them you know as much as they do about the most unusual of animals. Have you noticed how their sole purpose seems to be to demonstrate they know more than you?

The third group is VERY small and it's where we fit in. The family owned, community pet shop, where the staff know what they are talking about but are only too happy to help with advice and assistance regardless of your own level of knowledge and where you are made to feel as welcome buying a dog chew as if you were buying the most complex vivarium set up for your exotic pet. I hope that's what you are looking for from your pet shop.

We stock a very wide range of pet products. Quality dog, cat and everything else food, accessories and toys for the most pampered pooch and moggy, small animal enclosures, runs, toys and feed, reptile habitats and equipment, live and frozen food, invertebrate housing and substrates, bird cages and toys, tropical and coldwater fish equipment etc. The list is very long and includes all the major brands and some excellent independent ones too. We also have the knowledge to back up the sale of these items and the advice is free. Our staff are highly qualified in all areas of our work and can help you if you need advice before buying.

We also stock a wide range of quality livestock including fish, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets etc, lizards and snakes, turtles and tortoises, insects and spiders and more. However we strongly believe livestock should not be sold on line and posted out. You really need to see an animal before buying it and we have seen for ourselves how animals are treated by certain commonly used courier companies and would never subject our animals to this treatment. All our livestock is normally "collect in store" only for these reasons. We can arrange delivery in our own van, as we can guarantee the quality of the animals on arrival under these circumstances and you can contact us to discuss this.

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