Anco Red Deer Stick 100g

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Do you have a dog with a sensitive tummy / common protein allergies? Then Deer is a great choice for them! Anco Red Deer Sticks are the perfect size for an in between meals snack. They are hypoallergenic and easily digestible so perfect for those that are a little more sensitive than others. And they even contain higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids than some other proteins, which has many benefits alone - Can boost heart, skin and coat health, improves their immune system, reduces inflammation, the list goes on! Red Deer Sticks are low in fat yet super tasty but also low in odour - less likely to leave a residue behind - there's even benefits for us dog owners too!



100% Deer

Ash 1.10%
Fat 37.80%
Protein 46.80%

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