Betta Pond Sticks

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Betta Pond Sticks is a complete floating food for all types of pond fish including koi. Made from high protein soya, whole maize, and fish meal for high palatability and low fish waste levels.


• Cereals derivatives of vegetable origin meat and animal derivatives fish & fish derivatives, yeasts, minerals, and spirulina.

• Colourants, antioxidants, and preservatives.

Vitamins per kg:
• Vitamin A 29000iu, Vitamin C 714mg, Vitamin D 1500iu, Vitamin E 100mg,

Trace Elements per kg:
• Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 2mg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 20mg, Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate 67mg, Manganese Oxide 10mg, Zinc Oxide 34mg.

Analytical Constituents:
• Crude Protein 28%, Fat Content 3.5%, Crude Fibres 2.5%, Inorganic Matter 6.5%.

Feeding Guide:
• Feed 2 or 3 times daily when the water temperature is 10°c (50°f) or above.
• It is advisable not to feed your fish once the water temperature falls below 10°c (50°f) due to the slowing of their natural metabolisms.
• Feed as much pond sticks as your fish can consume in a few minutes. Excess floating food should then be removed.

Feeding Tips:
• Below 10°c Betta recommend stopping feeding Betta Pond Sticks and switch to Betta Wheatgerm Sticks.
• We recommend using a Betta Pond Holiday Food Block for peace of mind when you go away in the summer.
• For a bit of variety or to give your fish a treat, try feeding some Betta Choice Shrimp Cocktail.

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