CL Absolute+ Reptile Mite Gone 100ml

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Absolute Repti-VET Mite Gone Spray 100ml Made with 100% Natural non Toxic Ingredients
What Does It Do?


Parasites and mites are not only a nuisance for dogs and cats but they can also be extremely dangerous for the health and well-being of your pet reptile.

Absolute Repti-Vet Mite Gone is the best way to deal with those little critters is to prevent them from attacking your pet.

•Protects naturally against mites and insects without exposing your pet to toxins.

•Ideal for the thorough cleaning of all areas requiring care and all trouble spots

•Prevents skin problems caused by mites and ticks

•Suitable for both young and older animals

How to use!

Shake well before use!

Step 1. Direct treatment

Spray liberally over the surface of the reptiles skin paying attention to spray any skin folds between the legs and vent.

When spraying around the head avoid contact with the Nostrils, Eyes and Mouth areas. Allow to dry naturally

once the animal is returned to its Enclosure/ Vivarium.

Step 2. Treatment of the enclosure

Top tip: First remove the water bowl do not place in the enclosure for 24hrs to avoid the animal washing off the mite treatment. For best results remove substrate prior to treating and keep the infested animal on paper towels or paper until the mites are eradicated do not use old substrate to avoid reinfection. it is a good practice to freeze new substrate for 48hrs before use this will kill any mites that it contains.

Spray the surfaces of the enclosure & decor allow to dry for 5 minutes before wiping with a paper towel and returning the animal.


Use biocides with caution. Take extra care when used around amphibians such as frogs and newts. Always read the label and product information before use.

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