Habitat Bark Bowl - Small

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The Komodo Habitat Rock Bowl is a great bowl for reptile enclosures that is suitable for offering food or water to your reptiles. The bowl is made from high density resin and the bark effect helps to create a natural look and feel, enhancing the environment within their terrarium or vivarium. The bowl features small steps at the entrance to allow easy access for your reptile. This bowl is also a winner with some small animals. As the bowl is slightly weighted it is great for holding its sturdy position. The Habitat Rock bowl provides you with very little maintenance as you will have the ability to keep the bowl clean with a quick rinse under the tap or a wipe down with a damp cloth. It is important to provide your reptile or small animal with the ultimate living space as this is key to help maintain a healthy pet.

Small (17.5x13.5x3cm) 

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