Little One Guinea Pig Fibre Food 750g

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Guinea pigs are charming, affectionate and sociable herbivores. For those pet parents who are committed to grain-free feeding, we have developed our deliciously tasty Little One "Green Valley" fibrefood for guinea pigs. We have put the power of Alpine plants in our Little One "Green Valley" products and combined the benefits of nature with modern technologies to fulfill all the biological and nutritional needs of the animal.

Little One "Green Valley" represents a special grain-free feeding approach, designed to nourish guinea pigs according to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet rich in high-quality fiber and varied in plants, vegetables and herbs. The composition of the feed is balanced in such a way that animals receive the optimal amount of useful fiber and the necessary amount of protein to maintain the excellent functioning of the digestive system.

Every pack of nutrient-dense Little One "Green Valley" feed for guinea pigs contains:
- Almost 80 different biologically appropriate ingredients to nourish guinea pigs of all breeds and life stages according to their evolutionary and biological needs.
- 60 different meadow grasses and a variety of herbs and flower petals grown in Alpine meadows.
- 24% of high-quality fiber for optimal health and digestion.
- 13,5% of richly nourishing protein to ensure the proper functioning of the body.
- 5 types of various vegetables, fruits and berries to make the feed deliciously tasty for even the fussiest pets.
- 0% of grains and their byproducts, which is making the feed perfect for herbivores, including those who are overweight or have special dietary needs.
- Vitamins and minerals preserved in the feed by a cold pressing technology.
- FOS as natural prebiotics will provide a comfortable digestion.
- Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will help to keep the pet's coat shiny and the skin healthy.
- Yeast extract whic is rich in B vitamins, selenium and B-glucans to boost the immune system.
- Yucca extract will help prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odours.

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