Naqua Ivermectin Mite Treatment and Anti Parasite Reptile Dip

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Treatment of:
Red Mites, Skin Mites, Other Mites, Lice, Worms

Vet Strength – No prescription required
125ml Measurement bottle for easy application
Results seen as early as 24hrs
Proven safe and effective for your pet

Up to 12 treatments in one bottle

Introducing Naqua’s Reptile Dip Mite Treatment, a potent veterinary strength formula containing Ivermectin, specifically designed for the treatment and control of Red Mites, Snake Mites, Other Mites, Lice, and Ticks in reptiles and amphibians weighing above 80g.

To ensure optimal results, follow these directions for use:

How to apply:
Measure out 10ml of the solution and add it to a bowl.
Gently place the animal in the bowl and wet its entire body (excluding the head) by rubbing the solution onto its skin.
Make sure to treat the legs, underside, and tail as well.
Before applying Naqua Anti Parasite Reptile Dip, ensure you remove all water from the tank, including drinking water.
Thoroughly clean and dry your reptile or amphibian’s skin prior to the application.

Allow the skin to air dry; manual drying is not necessary.
After 60 minutes from the application, you can return water to the tank, including drinking water. For preventive measures, it’s advisable to use Naqua Anti Parasite Reptile Dip regularly, every four weeks, to prevent re-infestation.

Treat the Head:
For affected areas on the head, take a cotton wool ball dampened with the product and carefully apply it to the specific regions in need. Be cautious not to let the liquid come into contact with the mouth, eyes, or nose to avoid any unwanted complications.

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