Pillow Wad Meadow Hay 2.25kg

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Now even more environmentally friendly, our Meadow Hay packs have been lovingly wrapped in fully home compostable packaging. Put it in the compost heap, garden waste bin or kitchen food caddy. It’s completely plastic free!
This year we have produced even more of our own hay from our own farm. Where we need to, we make hay in association with local farmers from within 10 miles of our farm; that way we can keep quality high and consistent.
Each pack tells you which farm/field your pack came from. We see it all the way through from early spring growth to harvest.
This natural hay product is made using traditional methods from established meadows resulting in a blend of grasses and herbs that is packed full of nutrition. Dust extracted and sieved to remove dust spores.
Un-chopped to help the hay retain its natural goodness and increase the benefits for dental wear and digestive health.

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