Repti Planet Classic Glass Terrarium

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Repti Planet 'Classic' Glass Reptile Habitats are wonderful, well-ventilated terrariums, which can also hold a small amount of water if required. They are suitable for respective sized reptiles, amphibians, snakes, invertebrates, small mammals, and other similar creatures.


• Equipped with upper and lower plastic frames, to allows stacking and placing of heating mats directly underneath.
• Can hold water making it suitable for use as a paludarium.

• Metallic mesh cover provides appropriate ventilation and prevents creatures/live food escaping.
• Cover fits securely without fear of spontaneous opening (locking catch clicks automatically when the top cover is fully closed).

Locating the terrarium:
• Choose the location of the terrarium carefully, as once it is set up with the technical equipment and décor, it should not be moved.
• It is best to place where the ambient temperature is between 20-25°C.
• Place in an area with natural light, but not in direct sunlight, or anywhere where the terrarium could overheat.
• Avoid places where chemical or other fumes, and where cigarette smoke/vaping occurs.
• Once a suitable location has been chosen you can begin installing technical equipment plants, and other decorations.

Installation of equipment inside the terrarium:
• When installing technical equipment or decoration inside the terrarium, always switch off any existing devices before putting your hands in there.
• Select the appropriate place for the electrical equipment and route the cables to the rear of the terrarium.
• Close the ventilation grille to make sure there is no risk of animals escaping.

• Only use lighting products that are recommended for terrariums, ideally Repti Planet products.
• The power of the light should be compatible with the creature and the terrarium size. Too high temperature can result in animal death and product degradation.

*Image is for illuration purposes only, decor is not included

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