Rocket Top Opening Carrier

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49 x 33 x 33cm

A modern design, this pet carrier is made from strong, sturdy plastics making it durable, long lasting and easy to clean. This Rocket Top Opening Pet Carrier is suitable for cats and small dogs, to transport them from A to B. This pet carrier has various different air holes to increase the air circulation inside allowing your pet to breathe comfortably. This Pet Carrier opens from the top, so is very easy to put your pet in and take them out. The top of this pet carrier is transparent, so you are able to see your pet at all times. This Rocket Top Opening Pet Carrier is very easy to assemble, taking you no longer than a few minutes and comes with simple instructions. This pet carrier has a comfortable ergonomic handle making it easy for you to carry.

The Rocket Top Opening Pet Carrier comes with slots to attach to your car seat belt and is available in a variety of different colours. Please note, this is just a carrier and should not be used as a permanent home.

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