Willow Treat Basket

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Furry heaven! As if the hay 'n' herb-rich mini bale, banana chips, beetroot drops and other scrumptious goodies weren’t enough, your best friend will then have a fantastic willow basket to play with and nibble. Offer something different each day to make the pleasure last! For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Composition: Meadow hay (48.3%), pea flakes, carrot, banana (5.2%), broad bean flakes, beetroot, linseed, parsnip, peppermint, ribwort, marigold, fennel seed, pea starch, melissa, birch leaf, raspberry leaf, dandelion, black cumin seed, vegetable oil*, cucumber, zucchini, chamomile (all as dried ingredients except *. Contains 7% herbs)

Analytical constituents: Protein 13.4%, crude fat 5.6%, crude fibre 15.1%, crude ash 6.2%, calcium 3988 mg/kg, phosphorus 2651 mg/kg, sodium 937 mg/kg

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